Monday, 8 January 2018

"Summer Blogging Journey Week One Day Two"

Day 2: "It's All In A Day's Work"

Activity 1: "Wharepuni Houses"

In the 1800's, Maori people slept in the "Wharepuni" houses.

I am going to compare my house with the "Wharepuni".I am going to write 2 things that are similar about my house and the "Wharepuni" and two things that are different.

-In the 1880's, Maori people slept in the houses called "Wharepuni".When i compare my house with the "Wharepuni", two things that are similar are 1 example: they're both made out of wood, 2 example:They're both have a front porch and the two things that are different are 1 example:My house have a glass window but the "Wharepuni" doesn't have one, 2 example:My house have a (bathroom,restroom,kitchen,laundry room and bedroom)inside our house but the "Wharepuni doesn't have those things inside.

Activity 2: "My Dream Job"

My dream job is to become a beloved and famous actress.

Bonus Activity: "Special Meal"

I am going to post a picture of my favourite meal and explain what it is and why it is my favourite.(I am so sorry but i don't have the recipe for my meal.)

-Here is the picture of my favourite meal.

Image result for cabbage manapua

-It is a Manapua. This is a Hawaiian meal and i love it.The reason why this meal has become my favourite because me and my friends loves it so much.We always buy a Manapua when we head back back home from schools.This food happens to be our favourite food because it very good and it was so delicious that me and my friends can't even explain it.(I am so sorry that i don't have the recipe)


Cadence said...

Hey Seniola,

Cadence here from the Summer Learning Journey! Awesome to see another blog post! Great stuff!

Activity 1: Wharepuni

Great comparison! That’s exactly what we are looking for here so full points for you! Times are pretty different now and our homes are very different and complicated compared to a basic Wharepuni. That’s only for sleeping. Have you ever visit one before or stayed over at a Marae? It’s a little different to a Wharepuni but still a very cool experience. If you have stay at one, I would be interested to know your thoughts.

When I was at intermediate my school went on a trip to one, we didn’t get much sleep because all the other kids were talking or snoring too loud.

Activity 2: Dream Job

That would be an awesome job! Could you tell us a bit more about what you would be famous for? Mainly acting or singing? If singing, what kind?
Maybe you’re into pop or classical music.
I listen to pretty much any kind of music apart from hard metal :D

Bonus Activity: Special meal

Yum! That looks delicious! It looks similar to a pork bun if I’m correct. Did you know the Hawaiian culture is descended from the edges of Asia?
Hence why there will be some Asian aspects in their traditions and cuisine
Maybe you could tell us a little bit about how it’s made? That’s alright if you don’t have a recipe.
Have a good at describing it to us. Texture, taste, smell.

Keep up the awesome blogging Seniola!

I look forward to reading more of your fantastic blog posts!

Cadence :)

BTS said...

Thank you so much for reading my blog post i really appreciate your comment about my blog.

I have never visit a Wharepuni in my life but i hope i will.

Dream job
I wanted to be famous for acting.(I love singing too and yes I am really into pop and classical music.)

Special Meal
Yes your right it is a pork bun.Sorry i have no idea of how to make this special meal.

Dorothy Apelu said...

Hi Seniola,
Well done on completing these activities! The picture you have of the pork buns looks delicious! Keep up the great work!

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