Tuesday, 9 January 2018

"Summer Blogging Journey Week One Day Five"

                                                  Day 5: "The Dawn Of A New Era..."

Activity 1: "Translating Phrase"

Unlike the Maori, many of the European settlers didn't speak Te Reo Maori.Instead, they spoke English.I can see that it was very difficult for the two groups to communicate because they did not have a dictionary or a translator.These days we are able to use Internet to translate words and phrases from one language to another.

I am going to match these Maori phrases with their English translation.

Maori:                                                                    English:
a)He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutuparo.(4)             1)Welcome to New Zealand.
b)He aha to ingoa?(3)                                                2)         is my name.
c)Nau mai ki Aotearoa.(1)                                         3)What is your name?
d)Ko              toku ingoa.(2)                                      4)I like to play rugby.
e)No hea koe?(5)                                                       5)Where are you from?

Activity 2: "The Treaty Of Waitangi"

On February 1840, a very important document was signed by some Maori chiefs and representative of the British Crown in NZ.It was called the Treaty of Waitangi, (Te Tiriti O Waitangi) and it outlined how the two groups would live together and work together in NZ.It was the first document of it's kind to be signed in the entire world.The Treaty was signed in a place called Waitangi in Northern NZ.

In this blog, I will explain 3 fun things that I can do as a visitor in Waitangi. Which one would I like the most?

-3 Fun Things that i will do

-I will always visit their restaurant and try all their great food.
-I will watch live kapa haka performances
-I will visit the Treaty house
I think that i will like visit their restaurant and try all their great food the most.

Image result for treaty grounds

Bonus Activity: "#EarnTheFern"

Years ago, a man named Melville Marks (Robby) Robinson was asked to organised a sporting competition for the people living in the Commonwealth countries.It is called Commonwealth Games.The first ever event took place in the Hamilton, Canada in 1930.One of NZ gold-medal-winning Commonwealth athletes was a man named Bill Kini. 

In this blog I will imagine that I could interview Bill.I will write 4 question that I would ask Bill Kini.
Image result for bill kini

4 Question

-How does it feel being very popular?
-What kind of exercise do you do to get fit?
-What would you do, if you were not a Commonwealth athletes?
-How did you competed in the Commonwealth Game? 

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