Monday, 8 January 2018

"Summer Blogging Journey Week One Day Three"

                                                           Day 3:  "It's All In The Family"

Activity 1: "The More The Merrier?"

In this activity I will imagine that I am a child in the 1880's and I had 9 siblings. I will described how would i feel.(Would I enjoy being a member of such a large family?Why or Why not)

-If I was a child in the 1880's and I had 9 siblings I think that i will enjoy being a member of such a large family because  it is so much fun to have a lot of people in the house, there's always someone to catch up with, It is great having a lot of siblings so that we all help each other by doing the chores in the house, Help each other with our homework and being a member in such a large family is just so good and enjoyable and fun.

Activity 2:  "Ancestry(My Pepeha)"

Ko Maungarei te maunga
Ko Waikato te awa
Ko Aotearoa te waka
Ko Tonga tōku iwi 
Ko Nuku'alofa, Tongatapu ahau
Ko Mosese rāua ko Sapate ōku mātua
Ko Seniola tōku ingoa.

Bonus Activity: "Fun Family Facts"

Everyone's family is unique.

What makes my family special?I am going to chose 3 people in my family that close to me and ask them what's their favourite thing to do in summer.

1 Person:Mother
-She loves to watch movies
-She can cook

2 Person:Little sister
-She play netball 
-She loves singing

3 Person:Nana
-She play the ukulele
-She loves making Tongan traditional bags.


Patricia said...
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Patricia said...
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Patricia said...

Mālō e lelei Seniola, fefe hake? :0)
Activity 1: "The More The Merrier?" I totally agree with you as I also think it would be great to have a bigger family with many siblings because this means that we could help and support each other through good an bad. Besides, I feel that if I have many siblings I wouldn't feel alone. On the other hand, I think it would be difficult sometimes because I would probably have to share my bedroom and my toys as well.
For the future, I wan you to consider to add the pros and cons in your perspective before state your point of view just like I have done above. By describing the good and not so good in your opinion written you are creating perspective and this would make your post more compelling and interesting.
Furthermore, consider to add an image to support your text and to make your post eye-catching. You did a good job in here!

Activity 2: "Ancestry(My Pepeha)" Thanks for sharing your pepeha. It's so nice to see you acknowledging your ancestors and your history as this create a sense of empowerment and belonging that is much necessary for all of us in life.
For the future, I want you to consider explore other ways that you could make it a bit more interesting. Perhaps you could record yourself saying it? Perhaps making a power point with pictures? I want you to get in the habit of always proof read your work and review it using your critical thinking hat because by doing so, you will improve your literacy skills.

Bonus Activity: "Fun Family Facts": I really liked the fun facts about your family! I was surprise that your Nana play the ukulele, how sweet?! I am learning to play it at the moment. Also, the fact that your Nana made traditional Tongan bags. What is a traditional Tongan bag? I am curious. Do you know how to make them?
You also mentioned that you mum likes to sing. Which types of songs she sings?
A good piece of writing always manage to provoke a reaction and a curiosity with the readers and I think you have done just that with this one. Well done!:0)

I can't wait to see your next posts!
Kia kaha,

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