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"Summer Blogging Journey Week One Day Four"

                                                   Day 4: "Hitting A High Note...."

Activity 1: "The Waiata-A Song In Your Heart"

I am going to post a 3 interesting facts that I have learned about "Waiata"

-3 Interesting Facts about Waiata

-I have learned that in the dirge-like wailing of these songs, the Maori people give expression to their deepest feelings and, even today, when tribal gatherings take place, the upsurge of racial feelings which is characteristic of those occasions is intimately connected with the singing of their ancient love songs and laments. 

-Here's another thing that i have learned about  waiata is that the melodies move within a small range, varying from a second to a fourth.

-I learned that waiata has a different types of song which use the same chant-like melodies but vary in content and purpose are:
-Oriori: Lullaby used for the dual purpose of lulling a child to sleep and imparting knowledge.
-Pao: A derisive song and dance used for entertainment.
-Apakura: A lament for the dead sung during mourning ceremonies.
-Tuki Waka: A canoe song sung to give the time to the paddlers.
-Whakaaraara pa: A watchman's song sung by the watch on duty in the pa at night to give warning of danger.

Activity 2: "Playing Games"

Ki O Rahi Game

I'm gonna write a description of Ki O Rahi(in my own words).In my description I will include (a) the goal/purpose of the game and (b) 2 rules of the game.

My description of Ki O Rahi

-A group plays Ki O Rahi, a fast-paced contact sports that uses a circular field.Games are played between a defending 'Taniwha' team and an attacking 'Kioma' team.Teams score points by touching the tupu (central marker) with the ball.Rules vary from place to place, and the game can be played as a touch or tackle sports.
-Rules:Players in possession must be moving or they have 3-5 seconds to pass or shot or hand it over.
          :Out of bounds, last team in possession hand over to other team.

Bonus Activity: "Music Festival-Matatini"

In NZ, a huge festival is held every 2 years, called "Te Matatini".This performing arts festival celebrates the tikanga(culture or custom)of Maori.Kapa Haka groups from around NZ are invited to attend the festival and each group gives a 25-minute performance.The performance are judge and the best teams win prizes.The golden medal winning for last year was Te Kapa Haka O Whanganga Mai Tawhiti. 

In this blog I am going to write a short summary of how I think the members of Te Kapa Haka O Whanganga Mai Tawhiti were feeling when they found out that they have won.

-I have seen a Kapa Haka performance but never performed with a Kapa Haka group.
-I think that when the Te Kapa Haka O Whanganga Mai Tawhiti found out that they had won they were so surprise,they were so happy,they feel very good,they feel very cool,they cry because they don't know that they will reached to that position,they feel nice,awesome,full of joy and big happy smiles appeared on their faces.

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