Tuesday, 23 January 2018

"Summer Blogging Journey Week Three Day Five"

                            Day 5:  "Maintaining The Status Quo (The 1990s)

Activity 1:  "Hiking Tongariro"

In the 1990, one of the largest national parks in NZ, Tongariro, was listed as a World Heritage Site. It is a truly spectacular place to visit! Thousands of people go to Tongariro every year and hike the Tongariro Crossings. Visit the website to learn more about the one-day hike.

For this activity, I'm going to write five items that I would need to pack if I was going to hike the Tongariro Crossing. I am also going to write what I think that I should do before heading out on a hike.

-Five Items to pack

-First Aid Kit
Image result for first aid kit
-Bottle of water
Image result for hiking water bottle
-Extra food
Image result for lunch box with lots of food
Image result for map paper
-Rain gear and extra clothing

Image result for rain gear and extra clothing blueImage result for extra clothing

Activity 2:  "Leading NZ"

In the 1990s, four different individuals served as the Prime Minister of NZ-Geoffrey Palmer, Mike Moore, Jim Bolger and Jenny Shipley.

Image result for geoffrey palmerImage result for mike mooreImage result for jim bolger

Image result for jenny shipley

On this blog, I am going to list 3 things that I would do if I could be a Prime Minister.(or what changes would I make to transport/education.)

-3 things that I would do

-I think that It best if every schools have free lunch(food) for every students every day at schools.

-Free quality education

-I would change the money paid for a journey on public transport (fare) to a very cheap price.

Bonus Activity:  "You Have To Pay  To Play"

In 1990, for the first time in NZ's history, universities and polytechnics started charging students money to go to school. Prior to then, it had been free to go to university or to a polytechnic. Since 1990, students had to pay thousands of dollars to attend post-secondary (after high school) education.
The new Labour government have promised to give up to three years of free post-secondary education to all New Zealanders by 2020!

For this activity, I'm going to think if students should have to pay money (tuition fees) to go to university? Why/Why not?

-For me and in my opinion, I think that students should not payed money (Tuition fees) to go to university because they are still young, where would the came from, they cannot afford it (money), and students are not the one's that are supposed to pay money for their tuition fees, it their parents responsibilities.

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