Monday, 18 December 2017

"Summer Blogging Journey Week One Day One"

Day 1: "Arriving in NZ"

Today,I have satrted my Summer Learning Journing Blog post.

Activity 1: "Maui And The Giant Fish"

I am going to write 3 Facts i learn about Maui and a another story that i know about Maui.

3 Facts about Maui

-The 3 Facts that i have learnts about Maui are: He was a great fisherman, he was a bravery man and he was a person who never knows how to give up.

1 story that i know about Maui

-Another story that i have heard about Maui is "How Maui Brought Fre To The World.

Activity 2: "Letter"

I am going to write a letter to my friend about my journey on a Waka to NZ.(The trip have taken days and the water's rough and scary.I am going to describe how this must've felt and i am also on the waka with lots of other people and not much sleeps.)How do i feel about Moving to NZ.

Dear Silia,

I am on a big Waka with lots of different people on it and i feel so scared,lonely and tired.

I feel like because the sea's rough and scary,it was a heavy rainy day,there was no one that i could talk to and i can't get some sleep because i had to sit up and look after my stuffs.

When i think about moving to NZ,I feel sad but very excited.

Here is my picture about what it was like.

Always love,

Bonus Activity: "Waka Ama"

I am going to watch a short video of Waka Ama race.I would decide if i would like to be in a Waka Ama race one day.Why or Why not?

-Today people use Waka in a different ways like to race in a competition.I would not like to to be in one because i might break my hands,I might get tired and our Waka will lose the race,I would might drown in the sea,I am scared of big fish like whales and shark and not only that I will be scared to death if the whale or the shark might try to attack our boat and eat us.


Patricia said...

Hi Seniola,
My name is Patricia Santos and I'm one of the people who will be blogging with you for the Summer Learning Journey. I am so glad to see your post! I really liked your letter on day 1 activity 2, I liked how you describe your feelings as this made your writing really authentic. Furthermore, I like that you used a photo as well to support your writing as it really provide a visual of what would be like travel that far through the sea in a waka.
Moving forward, I would like you to separate your posts by activity or at least by day as this would make your writing easy to read and understand.
For Day 2 activity 1 it seems to me that your answer is not completed. Could you kindly complete it and let me know?
Keep up the good work!
Kia Kaha,

BTS said...

Thank you so much Patricia for this beautiful comment.I have already completed the day 2.

Dorothy Apelu said...

Well done Seniola! Patricia has provided some really good feedback that I'm happy to help you with:)

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