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           Secret Seven Adventure
By Eniel Blyton

This story is about a group of children detectives. These children detectived called themselves the S.S(Secret Seven)or S.S.S(Secret Seven Society). This group consisted of Peter (The society head), Janet (Peter’s sister), Jack, Barbara, George, Pam, and Colin. The S.S.S had their usual weekly meetings down in a old shed at the bottom of the garden belonging to Peter and Janet.

When the members came for the meeting, they simply had to say the password to unlock the door.Their password was Rabbit. The S.S had their own badge too. It came to the fourth week of their weekly meetings, and they still had nothing to report, and nothing has happened.The S.S decided to do something.They came  up with an idea that they should play American Indian and stalk someone who didn’t wear any Indian costumes.

Peter, Janet, George, Barbara, Pam, and Jack had Red Indian costumes except Colin.The S.S decided that they should stalk Colin because he was the only one with no costumes.The others went to wear their Indian costumes and painted their faces while Colin was still finding a place to hide in. Colin found a tree and he said to himself that he should climb up that tree so that they would not find him.When the others finished getting ready they counted to 100 and then started spreading out to find Colin and stalk him.

Colin was hiding on the tree. Suddenly he noticed a man jumping over the big wall which separated the main road with where they played Red Indians. Peter who was among the others also noticed the man. He began to wonder why the man appeared in their game, but just decided to ignore it. Colin thought that the man has gone, but then suddenly realised that he was climbing up the tree where he was .Colin was so afraid and his heart started beating so fast. He couldn’t move because he was so scared that the man might him. Colin did not see the man face but only his head and the tip of his ears. Because he was so afraid, he decided to sit on the tree quietly.

By then the others decided to stop the game. They called out to Colin to come because the game was over.Colin did not answer because the man was still on the tree where he was hiding.The others thought that Colin might have run away back home, so they went off to their meeting place and changed. As soon as the man saw the others leaving, he quickly went down the tree and ran away. Colin slid off from the tree as well, and ran back to their meeting and told everyone what happened.The S.S went back home and rested.

That evening, the radio announced something which suddenly made all the S.S think of the man again! ‘Lady Lucy Thomas’s magnificent and unique pearl necklace was stolen from her bedroom at Milton Manor that afternoon,” said the announcer. The S.S immediately thought that the man who stole the necklace might have been the one who came to their meeting earlier that day. They decided to call a meeting on the next day.

At their meeting the S.S thought that this was their chance to do a real adventure.They went to the police station and talked with the Chief Police and explained what happened on the day that they played American Indians at their meeting place. Then they made their way back to their Little Thicket, where they played their game of American Indians the day before. They wanted to see if they could find some clues of any thefts or of any thieves. The S.S found a lot of  clues so they kept all of them. Suddenly Colin gave a shout that made them all jumped! He  pointed to a poster with an advertisement of a circus. The S.S thought that maybe the thief was an acrobat, so they decided that it was best to go to the circus.

For two days, they all went to the circus with the clues they found at their meeting place. One time they saw a man and a girl having the same items as the clues they found at their meeting place. They tried to match and they found perfect match between them. However, Peter suggested that they did not do anything, so they left them alone.  

One night later, Peter asked Colin that the two of them went to the circus. He suggested that they went to find out who the real thief was. They went into a room and hid themselves under a bed. While there they heard two men talking about the necklace and where it was hidden. Shortly, one of the men left. He was the thief! As soon as he  got into his car, he noticed by the front mirror that there were two people in his room. He returned to the room and found the two S.S members there. He tried to catch them, but they managed to get away.

The S.S then went and reported the thief to the police. The police went and got the necklace back from the thieves. The police were really proud of seven children detectives,  and so they thanked them for the hard work that they did.

My favourite character in this story was Peter. He was so brave, very determined, and absolutely successful. He was so determined to get to the bottom of who stole the necklace. He was so brave to save his other friends from getting into troubles, he told the rest of the members of S.S. that only Colin and he were the ones who should go and did that research in the night. At the end they were very successful, they found the thief and reported to the police. The thief was arrested and the necklace was retrieved. It took Peter’s determination and bravery to bring that success.

I learned a lot from this story. In particular, I learned about bravery and determination. They are very important to have in order to succeed in what you want to do in life.

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