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“Pirate Pie”
By Marcia Vaughan

In “Pirate Pie”two mean and nasty pirate cousins, Hector Humbug and Horatio Hogswoggle, attack Peg Leg Lil's cooking efforts. However, the confrontation brings them all unexpected business success.

Hector Humbug was captain of the Evil Weevil.He was the nastiest pirate ever to sail the South Seas.He plundered, and he robbed.He sank ships and cheated at cards.Captain Humbug disliked everyone,especially his cousin Horatio.Horatio Hogswoggle was captain of the Ben Barnacle.He was the meanest pirate ever to sail the North Seas.He plundered,and he robbed.He sank ships and made sweet little grannies walk the plank.Captain Hogswoggle disliked everyone, especially his cousin Hector.Peg Leg Lil is a true-blue pirate.She can shoot a cannon ball through a porthole, sail through a typhoon, and dig up buried treasure all day long.But there’s something about Lil that nobody knows.She can’t cook!And deep down in her salty heart, she wants to win the Pirates’ Annual Blue-water Cooking Contest more than all the treasure in the world.

These two pirates hate each other for twenty years and that’s why they sailed in different seas.That is, until they heard that Peg Leg Lil was sailing her ship, the Sea Buiscuit, to Shipwreck Island.There she planned to enter the Pirates’ Annual Blue-water Cooking Contest and win first prize with a secret recipe.When Captain Humbug heard of this he decided  to sink Peg Leg Lil ship and steal her secret recipe and Captain Hogswoggle was thinking the same thing as him.Captain Humbug wanted to sink Peg Leg Lil ship and stole her secret recipe.He raised all the sails and turned the Evil Weevil to the North.Captain Hogswoggle just wanted to plunder her recipe and make her walked the plank next Sunday then he as well raised his pirate flag, the Jolly George, and turned the Bent Barnacle to the South.

Now Peg Leg Lil was a true-blue pirate.She could shoot a cannon ball through a porthole.She could sail the Sea Biscuit safely through a raging storm.She could dig up buried treasure all day long.But there was something about her that nobody knew.Peg Leg Lil was a terrible cook.To make things worse, she had no secret recipe for the contest.But, deep in her salty heart, Peg Leg Lil wanted to win first prize in that cooking contest more than all the treasure in the world.So Lil sent the ships cook up into the crow’s-nest and took over the cooking herself.She cooked three recipes and give it to her mate to eat.All her mate hate it because its taste so awful so the whole crew abandoned ship.Peg Lil Peg did not wanted to give up so she cooked up hard a tack hash and fish-eye pie.When she tasted what she had cooked it was taste so awful and so she thought that her crew was right about it.

Trough salty storms and wailing gales, Peg Leg Lil tried to cook a dish so delicious that it would win the cooking contest.She was so busy measuring and mixing, stirring and fixing, that she didn’t notice two ships sailing into view.When these two cousins see each other they started to fight who’s going to get Peg Leg Lil’s treasure.They ended up loading their gun and fired at each other.The cannon balls soared the sky in a blaze of blue sparks.Both pirates missed by a mile. Down in the kitchen of the Sea Biscuit, Peg Leg Lil was madder than cross-eyed crab because the banging and booming was caused by the pirates has made her kelp cake fall as flat as a jellyfish.Lil grabbed every ingredient in the galley and leaped up the ladder.She charged across the ship like a cyclone and started stuffing the cannon full of eggs, whipped cream, carrot tops, fish fins, and anything else she could get her floury  hand on.She lit the fuse and stood back.

Before Captain Humbug and Captain Hogswoggle could steer clear, the cannon on the deck of the Sea Biscuit exploded with a thunderous KERR-BOOM!The whirling, swirling mixture sailed through the air and covered both ships from stem to stern in a sticky, mooshy mess.Then a great, gooey gloop of the mixture fell from the mainmast and landed on Captain Humbug face.He opened his mouth to yell but instead, a smile slowly from ear to ear.He said that this is the most delicious thing he had ever eaten.He yelled to Captain Hogswoggle to stop stomping like a stranded sawfish and try a bite.When he tried it he said that it's scrumptious.“Hey, Lil give us your recipe,” the two pirates cried.But Peg Leg Lil refused to.The pirates  told Lil that if she gave them her recipe they will promise to give up pirating for ever and helped her open a bakery.Humbug and Hogswoggle hollered to Lil that her recipe it’s not just good but it's great.They told her what does she called it.Lil thought for a moment and then laughed then she told them it’s called “High-In-The-Sky Pirate Pie”.

Peg Leg Lil join the cooking contest and win first prize, but with help of Hector and Horatio, Peg Leg Lil opened the first floating bakery on the high seas.The two cousins worked like whirlwinds in the kitchen while Lil loaded the cannon.They blasted and boomed them aboard every ship that passed within range.Word of Peg Leg Lil’s incredible edible “High-In-The-Sky Pirate Pie travelled” as fast as a hurricane.In no time at all, the treasure chests abroad the Sea Biscuit were overflowing with gold doubloons.Captain Humbug, Captain Hogswoggle and Captain Lil were indeed the happiest, busiest, and richest pirates ever to sail the seven seas.

This story is so good and it's really cool to read.My favourite character in this story was Captain Lil.The reason why she is my favourite character in this story is becaused she inspired me to never give on what you really wanted to have.(She really wanted to participate in a cooking contest but the problem is that she is not a good cooker but she never give up because she’s not a great cooker.She keep on trying)That’s the end of my review for this story.

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