Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Who am I?

Hi my name is Seniola  Tupou,I am 14 years old,I was born in Tonga and i also grew up there.I come from Tonga to New Zealand this year(10/03/2017) to study.I change schools from Saint Andrew High Schools in Tonga to Tamaki College here in New Zealand.My interest/hobbies are singing,dancing,travelling,acting,eating,sleeping,performing,reading,watching movies and dramas/tv shows and hanging out with my friends.I am so into to K-POP(Korean pop music).I like BTS(RM the king),Taylor Swift,Cardi B,Ellen and EXO(LAY the King)they are my favourite celebrities and i wanted to meet them one day.I am a ELL(English Language Learner) student in Tamaki College.My favourite subject is SOS,Maths,English,Music,PE,Career and Science.My favourite teacher here at Tamaki College is Mrs Feb's and Mrs Robertson.I am trying so hard to improve my English.I like studding here at Tamaki College.That's all about me.

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