Monday, 27 November 2017

"My Survivor Reflection"

"My Survivor Reflection"
Our Survivors Group consisted of  Jasonette,Soana,Kanesinsu and myself.We chose Jasonette as our leader.We chose our leader by seeing  who work so hard for our group.The reason we want Jasonette to become our leader is because she was the first person who came up with the best ideas first. We also would like her to become the leader because she worked hard on each slide and she made each slide so we could work on it. She is also independent, hard-working and she is persistent with her work. The problem that my group and i have faced is that our communication eg: i am a very shy to talk to my groups about what i know.We solved this problem by working together as a group and they talk to me.The one in our group that made decisions is Jasonette because she is our leader.Yes it is our leader who made decisions because she always bring up the best ideas and then we the rest of our groups can add some to her ideas.We complete this task by working together as group eg: talk to each other,share each other what they know and help to each other.The similarities between pretending to be a survivor on a island(task)and reality is that all our thinking that we used in our task like eg: steps to survive:find food,build a shelter and etc..all of that things that we used in our task,we used it when we land on an deserted island in reality.The differences between pretending to be a survivor on an island (task)and reality is that all the thing that we do on task is just thinking,we don’t do it we just imagine what we will do if we are  on an deserted island.But when we land on an deserted island in reality all our thinking that we do do on task we do it in real life.

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