Monday, 27 November 2017

"My social study migration reflection"

“My Social Study Reflection”
In term 2 I conducted a Social Inquiry on Migration.My Social Inquiry focused on the movement migrant China to New Zealand.The push reason why Chinese people left their country of origin was because China was beset by overpopulation,land,shortages,famine,drought,banditry,peasant revolt.Another push reason why they left their country is because a steady stream of able-bodied young men sought their fortunes overseas.There is a another push reason why Chinese people left their country is because the government already made a new law in November 2013 that every family need to have only two babies/child because their country was overpopulation.The pull reason why they were attracted to New Zealand was becauseAppo Hocton is the first person who immigrant from China to New Zealand in 1842.He came to New Zealand because b of work,he starting work as a servant and he eventually became a businessman in 1852.
Some came to New Zealand because they were bought to work at Otago goldfields in 1886.Another pull reason why they left their country is because ofThe world war and because some Chinese people immigrant to New Zealand because of gold miners.Some of the obstacle they faced while living in New Zealand is after 1907 all arrival Chinese people are required  to sit English test. From 1920 entry to New Zealand was by permit only,which severely restricted the numbers of Chinese immigrants.Chinese people on New Zealand were deprived of the old age pension until 1936.My personal perspective  The way I see the Chinese immigrant is very hurtful because i can see how they suffer from overpopulation,famine,drought etc….I think it better for the Chinese people to immigrant to overseas country(NZ) because they can have what they want like have a good job,have a good life,feel free from overpopulation,and they could also free from the law that their government has created eg: Each family could only have two children,but here in overseas there is no law like that.

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