Monday, 27 November 2017


  • Help my neighbour around the world.
  • Be the best actress ever.
  • Be the best singer.
  • Become a model.
  • Build a big house for my family.
  • Help my family who lived on the island.
  • Give better lives for my family and make them happy and proud of me.
  • Become a doctor
  • Become a best dancer.
  • Travel around the world with my friend(Korea,America,Philippines,Japan,Australia,etc…….
  • Meet BTS,Taylor Swift,Cardi B,Bretmanrock,Johnson Dwayne and Ellen Degeneres one day.

The reason why i put help my neighbour around the world at the top because i have been dreaming of doing this things and i also watch on YouTube about the homeless people and so i kind of like wanting to do it.I also found it hard to watch my own people suffering because of hunger it makes me feel hurt,so i decided to make this things happen i wanna give my neighbour a better place i wanna help.

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